Materials to Consider When Coping Your Pool

pool2.jpgA cap at the top edges of in-ground pools can be a very good finishing feature.  The main use of the cap is to decorate the pool as well as improving its appearance.  Coping also prevents the swimming pool as well as its surroundings from being damaged by water.  There are a lot of materials as well as designs available for pool coping with the most common one being poured concrete, brick, tiles and also natural stone.  A non-slip coating on pool capping materials is a very important safety feature because it prevents pool users from slipping when walking around the pool.

There are varieties of colors, appearances and shapes which people use as their preferences when deciding on the pool coping material to use.  It is also important to consider the safety and the durability of the materials you choose for pool coping even after considering taste.  Matching of the materials used in coping with the interior of the pool as well as is exterior is also important.  Considering whether the materials absorb sun heat and get hot easily is very important because no one goes to the pool in shoes.

The first material used in pool coping is poured concrete which enables the coping and the pool deck to form a single unit.  Using this method in small pool is much better because it gives them a bigger appearance but it has a quite high installation cost because of the labor and equipment needed.  There is an advantage of using poured concrete coping because it is durable and one can choose from a variety of colors available to match the capping with the deck of the pool as well as the external surroundings.  Sealing the poured concrete is advisable to increase its durability. Read more on how to do pool coping using travertine tile or natural stone.

Ready-made concrete blocks which are of different colors, shapes and sizes are used in precast concrete copping.  This method of pool coping is less expensive because it requires less labor and does not need special installation equipment.  Another benefit of using precast concrete coping is that concrete blocks of different colors can be mixed to improve the appearance of the pool.  You should also seal the concrete coping to make it long lasting.

Another pool capping option is the use of natural stones such as granite, travertine and limestone.  Natural stone coping is very good way of making pools more stylish and make them long lasting.  Despite being a little bit costly, the natural stone material have a lot of advantages compared to other coping materials.  It is easier to maintain natural stone materials because they can be cleaned with water only as they don’t soak up spills such as wine that are very common in pool areas.  Most of the natural stones also work well in safety because they are slip resistant. Read more on pools here:


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